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Who are we?

The goodplanet.info site is a project of the GoodPlanet foundation which is headed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Our purposes

This website aims to provide the public with points of reference on the major environmental and human questions of our time. It allows people to find reliable, coherent and understandable information related to these issues. The goodplanet.info site brings all these information in an educational manner and guides readers to other useful sites or documents which can further shed light on the subject. It thus acts as a portal for all areas of the environment. In order to offer a global perspective on information, this website provides its readers an international point of view. It is also bilingual (English and French). To insure the best quality of released information, the texts have been reviewed by experts from different universities and research institutes.

Our team

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, president

Veronique Jacquet, director

Olivier Blond, project manager

Julien Leprovost and Roxanne Crossley, journalists

Steeve Bois, network administrator et webmaster

Gwenaëlle Rouillet, web developer


We would like to thank Laurent Jégou, engineer cartographer and lecturer in the geography department at the Toulouse-Le Mirail University who helped us all over the project on the every cartographical points. He and his students Dominique Pelage, Luc Guillemeot and Dominique Ollivier have developped the application which generate skins for our 3D globe.

We would like to thank Ioan Negritiu, professor of biology at the ENS Lyon and his students (2007-2008).

Special thanks are addressed to the interns and volunteers who have contributed to the site, especially Dr Jean Gadrey, Frédéric Durand, Malcolm Hadley, Ruth Potts, Angela Burke, Marie Destison, Angélie Baral, Clara Vialle, Cédric Francou, Xing Fu-Bertaux and Christophe Bougeard.

We also thank the numerous organisations, authors and reviews which have allowed us to publish some of their articles or their data.

Not-signed articles have been written by our team, with the help of many others. In alphabetical order: Alexandre Barbe, Olivier Blond, Christophe Cartier dit Moulin, Neila Columbo, Cécile Cros, Anne-Sophie Cussat, Hervé Dufour, Frédéric Durand, Benjamin Grimont, Marion Grizbec, Malcolm Hadley, Bernard Lacaze, Stéphane Ledoux, Julien Leprovost, Florence Leray, Sandra Reinflet, Elodie Touret, Anh Hoa Truong, Florentin Wecxsteen.

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